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I developed a staph infection from an outpatient hernia procedure and after spending 6 weeks in a coma, awoke as a quadruple amputee. For the first time in my life, I needed an attorney. Before the firm took my case, I wasted well over one frustrating year with poor communication, inadequate empathy and the condescending sincerity of two other law firms that simply didn’t take the time to understand all the specifics or present what I thought was a solid strategy. I remember the day I spoke to Phillipi & Nutt, feeling as if I finally found attorneys that were not only up front and honest, but competent and professional. Phillipi & Nutt maximized my award, which as it turns out, was over three times higher than the supposed best attorneys in Los Angeles said they would attempt.

-Alan Cronin

I was very happy with the result of my case. Mr. Phillipi was very professional, got to the point, and was honest with me up front about my case. He was sincere, and I would recommend him to anyone. I would call him again if I needed an attorney.

-Alex Saucedo

My mother was injured in a preventable fall that unnecessarily placed her in a convalescent home for about three months. The injury left her confined to a wheelchair. Steve Phillipi has a working style that gave us confidence early on that we would reach a realistic settlement. Steve was able to achieve a settlement that exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the settlement negotiated by Steve, my mother now has continuous physical therapy that has freed her from wheelchair confinement and restored her previous walking ability.

-David W. Steinmeier
Trustee for Anne Steinmeier

Phillipi & Nutt represented my family and deceased husband in a manner of highest integrity. Because of their perseverance, my children and I are now able to live the life my late husband had intended to provide for us.

-Nancy Edwards

Phillipi & Nutt represented my late husband and me in a very difficult and potentially groundbreaking medical malpractice lawsuit. He handled every aspect of the lawsuit in a very professional manner and his knowledge of the law and court proceedings gave both of us a great measure of confidence that we would prevail. In time, the lawsuit and related matters were settled to the satisfaction of all parties thanks to the efforts of our attorney. I would recommend the firm of Phillipi & Nutt to anyone needing legal services related to medical malpractice.

-Deborah Woldruff

Losing my father was one of the most difficult days of my life, but to lose him the way we did was the most difficult part. His death and suffering were completely unnecessary. My family and I were unsure of how to get any kind of justice and how to prevent this sort of neglect from happening again. Fortunately, we found Phillipi & Nutt who became our biggest defenders. After feeling as if we had been victims, they gave us back our power to be able to fight against medical powers that seem to be intimidating. They not only were able to give our family personal peace, but were able to help us change the policies and procedures that lead to my father’s death at the hospital where he was supposed to receive help. I highly recommend Phillipi & Nutt because of how well they understood the medical field and how they operate, as well as how the law pertains to both. Phillipi & Nutt gave us a precious gift, justice for my father.

-Tiffany O’Campo

I would like to thank Mr. Steven V. Phillipi for his professionalism in handling our case when my daughter was involved in a car accident and was severely injured. Mr. Steven V. Phillipi and his team proved from the beginning that they were capable of settling the case. They continually showed tremendous amounts of legal knowledge and various expert resources. He and his team took on my daughter’s case with a winning attitude and settled for nothing less. I was very impressed by their customer care service, such as their extreme patience and time spent in listening to our concerns. I will highly recommend Mr. Steven V. Phillipi and his team to whoever needs help.

-Kevin Wu

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